The focal thrust of the Ngozi Foundation is to provide K-12 education for 500 children in the community of Virginia, Liberia.

Due to a lack of facilities and funding, children in the community have only had access to, at best, a 9th grade education. With a 43% literacy rate, the children need the education to thrive in an increasingly interconnected, skills based, global economy. 

"In the 21st century, the best anti-poverty program around is a world class education"

                      -President Barack Obama


Technology in Africa has made huge advances and will only continue to do so if its full benefits are utilized. Ngozi plans to introduce reliable power supplies and communications to strengthen the progression of the students K-12. Through the introduction of technology we will be able to prepare students for their future by incorporating digital learning.


There is a scarcity when it comes to the accessibility of healthcare. Ngozi will construct a medical facility that will provide accessible care to students and their families. Quantity over quality has historically been the focus in devolping countries, Ngozi is putting quality at the forefront of its vision when it comes improving the standards of health surrounding the community of Virginia, Liberia.


Since one of the continent's largest economic sectors is agriculture, we are broadening the economic development by putting the power in the hands of the students. We are teaching them how to innovate the agricultural sector by giving them a hands on approach to sustainability. These practices will be incorporated into their day to day lives as well as being embedded into our mission as we take action on our promise to construct an energy efficient school.

Facilities Concept Drawings.JPG