Project Updates

The Vision

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Project Status

We had a tremendous fundraising gala in September 2019 and were hoping to open the school and ancillary buildings (library, clinic, and technology center) by the end of September 2020.  Unfortunately, COVID-19 presented obvious challenges and the project was put on-hold for a period of time.  

We resumed construction to complete the library and clinic so that we could then continue with plastering and roofing.  In the process we determined that an additional $35,000 was needed to allow us to complete work so that we could open the school to the 500 students patiently awaiting the new school.

The complexities of Covid-19 arose again, and it was necessary to cancel our 2020 live gala.  Instead, we asked for donations and sponsorships outside of the annual fundraiser.  Through to the generosity of our generous donors, we were able to raise these funds and are targeting a June opening…WE THANK YOU!!!

Below you will find photos as well as some video "walk-through's"  with the headmaster/administrator.   Please provide your support so that we may make this dream a reality


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The Work

It all starts with a strong foundation

It all starts with a strong foundation

A Library to Learn and an Office to Coordinate

A library to learn, Offices to coordinate


A roof to provide protection

In a days work, using up rock

Making the dream come true

Pastering Walls
Applying Cement to the Block Walls
view of roof and entrance ways from grou
Windows and under roof walkway

The Children

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PHOTO-2021-02-04-13-00-18 (1)
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Walk with the Headmaster