Why Invest in school technology?

Many jobs in the world today have been created in the last decade, an era where technological skills are becoming increasingly important. Providing underprivileged students, whether in developed or developing countries, with the necessary skills to excel in these modern careers at an early age is a crucial step in tackling extreme inequality. Ultimately, familiarizing underprivileged students with technological resources addresses a root cause of poverty and can help them compete with their more privileged counterparts in global job markets.

Providing schools with technology centers not only improves students' specific skills that may directly relate to future positions, but it additionally bolsters the quality of education itself. The effective use of computers and other digital technologies in classrooms has been proven to increase "student engagement, help teachers improve their lesson plans, and facilitate personalized learning." Additionally, teachers and students with internet access can utilize educational resources from all over the world.

Supporting rural schools in developing countries narrows the gap inside the nations themselves. For many developing countries, resources that gear students towards prosperity are often concentrated in elite urban private schools. Rural communities are usually left behind as developing countries industrialize, polarizing students' access to digital resources and by extension a more effective and meaningful education.






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