About us 

Inez Wondeh,


Ngozi is derived from the Igbo dialect of Eastern Nigeria and means blessings.  The Ngozi Educational and Health Care Foundation (NEHCF) mission is to provide the blessings of educational and health care needs to children robbed of these necessities by various wars in Africa. A native of Liberia, West Africa, I founded Ngozi in 2018. During fifteen years of the Liberian civil war that ravaged the country and its people, I was blessed with the opportunity to start a new life in America and, ever aware of that fortune, the mission of NECHF was born.

In its founding year, Ngozi partnered with the Morweh Foundation (a 501C-3 not-for-profit organization) to raise funds for a school project in the rural Grand Basa County, Liberia.  Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and volunteers, the Morweh school is almost completed. 350 boys and girls have enrolled to start their educational journey at the Morweh campus. 

Ngozi has embarked on a new project in Virginia, Liberia in 2019. 

The project vision includes raising finds to build and construct:

  • An energy efficient school serving children from K-12 grade.

  • A modern, first world technology center.

  • A medical facility that will provide care to students and their families.